Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal Not Working
1. Before doing any work on the garbage disposal, ALWAYS make sure the switch to the garbage disposal is turned to the OFF position.

2. Using tongs, clear out anything inside the garbage disposal which might be jamming up the motor.

3. Briefly flip on the switch to the garbage disposal. Flip it off again.

4-A. If you DO NOT hear any humming noise with the switch on, locate the small button that is somewhere on the disposal and press it. This will “re-set” the disposal. Try turning on the switch to the disposal again.

If you still don’t hear a humming noise, try re-setting the circuit breaker in your electrical panel that provides power to your garbage disposal.

If you can’t get the garbage disposal to turn on or at least make a humming noise, it’s time to call us for advice.
4-B. If you DO hear a humming noise when you flip on the switch, there is power going to the disposal, but the disposal may be broken or there is still something stuck in it.

Your next step is to insert a ¼ inch Allen wrench into the hole in the center of the underside of the disposal. Wiggle the wrench back and forth until it moves freely. Again, you can use tongs to remove any obstruction.
Now try flipping on the switch to the garbage disposal. If it works now, great! If not, it’s time to call us for some expert help.

Garbage Disposal Smells
If a bad smell is coming from your garbage disposal, cut up some lemons and ice and drop them into your disposal. Turn the disposal on for about 30 seconds and rinse with water for about 20 seconds.

Preventing Garbage Disposal Problems

Use plenty of water when running the disposal.
Avoid overloading.
Don’t dispose of hard or stringy things like bones, fruit pits, celery, asparagus or corn husks.
Make sure that your dishwasher does not drain into your garbage disposal.
Never use a caustic drain opener in the disposal.