Gas Lines – Repairing and Replacing

If you smell gas or hear a hissing sound, you may have a gas leak. This is a hazardous situation, and you need to take action immediately. If there are any open flames, including pilot lights, or cigarettes burning, put them out immediately and properly. Avoid any possible source of electrical sparks: do not turn on or off any electrical appliances or lights, do not use the phone, and do not plug in or unplug electrical appliances.

If you suspect a gas leak, do not stay in the house. Call your gas company and 911 from a safe distance right away. Do not turn your gas back on or re-enter your house. Your gas company will take the next steps.

If your gas company tells you to fix a gas line leak, you will need a licensed professional. That’s us. We’re experts at fixing or replacing your lines so that your home is safe and sound and it’s safe for the gas company to turn your gas back on.