Hydro-Jetting Specialists El Sobrante

hydro-jetting specialistsFor major blockages and root problems, we Hydro-Jet — blow the pipes out using water under high pressure. Hydro-Jetting blows out roots, grease and anything else that might be blocking the drain. It’s more effective than the usual cabling because it doesn’t just unblock the drain, it cleans it. A clean drain will not snag foreign objects that could block the drain all over again. We believe that this is the future of drain and sewer clearing.

Without using harsh chemicals that could damage your pipes, Hydro-Jetting does the job thoroughly the first time. You won’t need repeat visits and will have fewer problems in the future. H & R Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, Inc is always happy to help. Call us today at (510) 222-5556 for a free estimate or with any questions and we will be happy to assist you.